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This is what happens when you let me onto the internet.

e.g., I create a DreamWidth account to post my crazed ramblings, fanfiction, and fanart on. No one will read this, I’m fairly sure of that, so I suppose I can put whatever I want here.

So, then.

My name is Kitty Eden (not my actual name, please note, it’s the one I use on the internet) and I like warm hugs. I also happen to be completely in love with almost all aspects of Big Finish, chiefly Doctor Who, but anything goes. I’m currently on Season Four of Bernice Summerfield, Season Three of Gallifrey, and I haven’t started Dark Eyes yet.

*ducks to avoid rotten tomatoes*

I’m a busy girl!

I also am working my way through the Virgin New Adventures, and at the time of writing I’ve got to ‘Set Piece’. As you can imagine, I’m a huge Whovian. You may treat me as such.

Apart from all things Gallifreyan and timey-wimey, I have this massive love for Skulduggery Pleasant. I’m a PPC member (if that means anything to you, let me hug you) and I always love a bit of Monty Python.

I write a lot of fanfiction, which I’ll be posting here as soon as I can. I like to have it in a lot of different places, so if it gets taken off one website for any reason, I’ll have copies backed up in other places.

Let’s go exploring!

Kitty XOX

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