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This story is a bit different from all of my others. For one thing, there's mild swearing. For another, it's set in a bar. So don't expect complete crack, 'cause this really isn't a nice story.

I fell in love with Ace's character a while back, and I've been recently working my way through the Virgin New Adventures. They were really great- and then I hit Love and War.


This is my way of keeping sane. Writing fanfiction that resolves some stuff.

Set sometime after Love and War for Ace. For the Doctor... during End of Time, I think. Timey-wimey is quite good, isn't it? 
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Slight Ace/10
Rating: T
Timeline: Real World
Disclaimer: Doctor Who belongs to the BBC.
Below the cut, angst reigns supreme. )
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 I was bored, and I was painting. This emerged.
Painting under cut... )
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 I'm back, with more fic. This isn't so much Doctor Who as me doing a blatant self-insert and making up her diary as I go. :-P

Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: None
Rating: C for Crazy
Timeline: Real World
Disclaimer: Doctor Who belongs to the BBC.
Summary: "Today I roped Jade into a detailed examination of every inch of the school, mapping out all the places that a TARDIS could possibly have landed, and where Sarah Jane could be lurking." Ten weeks in the life of a Whovian. Chalk graffiti, TARDIS crafting, many references, and shenanigans.
Allons-y! )
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 This was written immediately after watching 'Doctor Who: The Ginger Chronicles: A Dame To Kill' which is a bit of a mouthful. Anyway, I immediately fell in love with Lilly Nelson's ginger Doctor. Liz's character intrigued me (with Jim coming a close second) and I felt the need to expand a bit on her characterization. So this emerged. Bit by bit. And then Mel slipped in, somehow, and since I ship her and Ace together madly, Ace had to go in too. And so, now you see this. I'm proud of it.

Fandom: Doctor Who: The Ginger Chronicles
Pairing: Jim/Liz, minor Mel/Ace
Rating: PG-13
Timeline: Ginger Chronicles timeline, obviously. Not sure what you'd count part 5 as, but I suppose you can work it out yourself.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who belongs to the BBC.  Steven Hancock and Lilly Nelson own the Ginger Chronicles.
Summary: The wardrobe is filled with clothes of every shape, size and fourth-dimensional impossibility and it half-looks like it's arranged by color, but if you tilt your head ever so slightly to the left, it's sorted by size, from XXXXXXL to something that a cat might wear, if said cat was the size of a pinhead. 
Well, that's all right, then. )


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